Friday, October 28, 2011

Passionate Anniversary Card

Good morning readers! I recently made this anniversary card for my parents. I wanted to post it sooner, but I didn't want to spoil it before they received it if they happen to check my I am a little bummed that the tags are very hard to read. I put Crystal Effects over the top of them at the last minute when the card was all done and when I came back to attach them, the ink bled. (sniff sniff) I didn't have any time left to remake them because I had to mail it out right away so they would receive it on time. So, FYI....use craft ink or Stazon if you are going to be using Crystal Effects over the top of a stamped image.

I was having so much fun and reminiscing over past childhood memories while I was going through old pictures. I think that is what made me run out of   Once I started looking at the photos searching for the particular ones that I wanted to use, it became hours and hours of laughter and tears as I sat their showing all of them to my kids. Then my son asks me while holding up a photo of me when I was just a wee little thing (ancient history), and asked "is this Jordan?". Its funny how pictures of parents when little look like your kids...its amazing!! It's like having your own "mini-me's" is the card! If you want to know how I made it or what stamps, etc. that I used, just shoot me an email. Please enjoy and please, please, please....feel free to comment!!!! (which means COMMENT!!) lol

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