Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Card and Moms Birthday Card

Good morning everyone!! Well, since my stamp room still is not finished, I have all my stuff JAMMED into crates and boxes..YIKES!!! I pulled out some stuff and spread it ALL OVER...jeesh...the basement floor on Sunday morning...I know...procrastinator...tee hee.....I came up with these two cards in no time. It just goes to show that it does not need to take a huge amount of time to make a card.OH....and MUCH CHEAPER than buying a means SO MUCH MORE to hand make one and can still be done even if your not organized what-so-ever!!! LOL!!! and your basement looks like a tornado went through it. I have to clean it up ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Oh well...practice makes perfect!!!

 I can't wait to see the new catalog. There will be, sad to say, retiring stamp sets and accessories. You can find those on my website or I will be listing them soon. This is a little difficult doing all this from my phone...but hey...its another learning experience.

Well here they are...enjoy. I will post what colors and accessories I used in the making. Please leave comments on them...I love to hear if you like or don't like. Just no profanities...hee hee.

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