Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010

Good morning every one!! I am so excited!! I am posting the pics of the cards and paper craft items I made last week. I sent out a questionnaire to ask if I should post these pics because they were to be surprises for my open house. Every one wants to see them...yeah!!! I have been a little busy bee lately taking care of the kiddo's because they have been little sickies!! I actually think I am getting it now..yuck!!! I have also been trying to refinish my dresser, which has been kind of a disaster. (sad face)... I think I am just going to leave it like it is because I am kind of tired of living out of garbage

I am also posting some cute pics of something else that has been keeping me busy!! I guess when you're a wildlife rehabilitator, you have to be on call. These squirrels were rescued from my parents house after the tree they were nested in, was cut down. There was no where else to put them and they have a LOT of predatory wildlife in the area, so we decided we should give them a chance at life! They are now on their little journey. When they are fully weaned and ready for life in the wilderness, they will be put back on my parents property, with a little hideout/safe house for them until they figure out how to nest on their own. They will hopefully be easy to monitor. They are so cute, that I just want to suck their little noses!! lol!!!


And here are the little Cuties!!!


  1. Love your cards & box. Babies are so cute!

    I'm following you through SC. Hope you'll join me too!

  2. Really nice cards - and very cute squirrels. I am now following your blog from SC

  3. Love the butterfly card!!! I'm following you...

  4. Beautiful cards and adorable critters! :) Following along from VA!

  5. Bet those babies are keeping you busy, busy ! Thanks for sharing your projects.
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